Wednesday, 6 September 2017

EXPOSED : Sehwag & His Twitter Tail

It was a Sunday evening when I was returning to Delhi from Coimbatore on Indigo flight 6E 396 after covering one of the finest motorsports events in the country.

I boarded the flight and for the first time, I was sitting in the first row. The boarding was completed until one special guest with his manager Amritanshu boards the flight and sat in the same row as mine. Virender Sehwag was in Coimbatore for an event of “Sadguru” called #RallyOfRivers.

The passengers were pleasantly surprised to be in the company of the dashing opener. Before the flight took off his manager was continuously on Twitter scrolling through Twitter trends.

The flight took off and I was just staring at him, I wanted to take a cool selfie with him but decided not to bug him as he looked so tired and sleepy, Sehwag asked for Veg Biryani since Indigo doesn’t serve biryani’s he had two bowls of Dal Chawal. I was noticing minor details such as the phone Sehwag uses and which one did his manager had. Sehwag had an iPhone 7 and his manager was carrying Motorola X.

We landed around 9:45 pm in Delhi. As soon as we landed they both had their phones switched on immediately like every other passenger on the plane. I thought I’d take a photo with him in the bus and stood next to him and his manager but that went for a toss when I saw his manager standing right next to me tweeting from Sehwag’s account about Rajyavardhan Rathore becoming the new sports minister of India, after the tweet his manager goes onto Sachin Tendulkar’s profile and informed Sehwag that he didn't tweet about it! I was shocked as Sehwag always claimed that he does each and every tweet on his own. I had a few words with his manager and left for home.

Amritanshu (Sehwag's manager) was an ex RJ at Fever 104 FM. Tweeting funny stuff seems very easy for him and he keeps Sehwag's twitter handle going.  

The next day when I reached office I again tried to know if it was just one of the tweet done by his manager or all of the tweets are done by him. “Tweetdeck” a popular Twitter tool which helps you schedule tweets also gives you the information from which device has the user tweeted from. Here is what I found all of the tweets are done from Android (Which his manager has) and not iPhone (Which Sehwag has)

The tweet that was done by his manager in front of my eyes on the Indigo Bus.

Other recent tweets done by his manager.

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  1. Oh! And i always thought that Sehwag uses his tweeter account all by himself. Such a disappointment after knowing that. Well i must say you have good observation skills.