Friday, 22 April 2016

A visit to Old Trafford..

I was in England in the 1st week of march, I won a competition from Manchester City. It was tough for me as United fan to stay in the blue end of Manchester, Going to Etihad and watch a match, but it was ok. I was there to live my biggest dream. My biggest sporting dream!

YES! A visit to the mecca of football.
It was a Sunday morning when I woke up and said to me, the day I have been waiting for last 10 years is finally here. We checked-out from the Manchester city campus around 9 am and went to the football museum. We spent good 3 hours there followed by lunch and shoot. By then It was 2:50 pm. The last stadium tour of Old Trafford on Sunday's happen at 3:30 pm. We took a taxi from Market Street, Manchester and went to the theatre of dreams. I moment I saw Old Trafford I was literally numb. The time was then 3:10 pm, I was running here and there to find where can I get the stadium tour ticket. I was in a hurry, I asked a guard, where can I get the stadium tour ticket? "Sir Alex Ferguson Stand" he replied. I went running and grabbed my ticket, I was finally in the "THEATRE OF DREAMS" 

First on the cards was the museum tour, the trophies! Because when you are at Old Trafford, it's all about winning, it's all about trophies. 

The museum tour was short as I entered the stadium a bit late, after the tour we were asked to assemble together and was briefed about the stadium tour. I was so excited! 
From a small tunnel, we entered into the stadium and I found myself sitting in the "Sir Alex Ferguson Stand" which is the biggest stand in the Old Trafford. Next on the lineup was the home dressing room and the away dressing room. 

This wraps up my biggest sporting dream! Trust me, It was absolutely so amazing to be at the Theatre of dreams and go behind the history! 


  1. This is such a comprehensive post, thorough...loved it !