Saturday, 2 January 2016

How 2015 changed my life!

As we move into a new year, I remember how 2015 completely changed my life. 
Recovering from my nana's death, I moved into 2015 with tears in my eyes. When 2015 started I had no clue where my life is going, I was doubting myself, How would be my future, I used to keep talking to myself. 

Then on one day, A Twitter friend of mine thought of creating a WhatsApp group of all Delhi/NCR influencer. Where I met a person who goes by the name of Yogesh Parashar, Everyone were asking to follow them on Twitter, So I opened Yogesh's profile and found out He's from Haryana as well, I came back to WhatsApp and asked him that where does he belong from Haryana and he belonged to the same place where I live, In fact, 2kms away. 
Then we met at an event of Star movies in Connaught Place for #StarMoviesSecretScreening. We were travelling back home in metro together. 
Where do you work? I asked
He proudly replied in a Social Media Agency. 
I asked what all brands do he manage? Names like OLX, Dominos & Kurkure were top of his list! I asked him for a favor if he could get me into this agency as well. He said I am moving out very soon, You can replace me. *I smiled in joy*

1st May 2015 
I joined my first ever proper job, I started working for GO VIVEK GO. (Thanks to Yogesh)
I joined them as Twitter contest specialist for famous brands like Domino's, OLX, Kurkure, Tirun Travels, Dunkin Donuts & Woo. 
I started enjoying my life, there was no pressure of family for work, I happily spent my 6 months at GO VIVEK GO with beautiful people and friends Chaman, Sachin, Shalini, Ragini and Vivek sir who gave me this priceless opportunity to set up my career in Digital Marketing. 

Then I decided to join an MNC Digital agency based out of Paris in October 2015.
Where I managing brands like Audi Gurgaon, Audi Delhi Central, JK Tyer, Logitech, Novotel & Ballentine's.

During the period, My long term dream of meeting my idol Yuvraj Singh at the house came true as well. 
I went to his house to meet his newly manager (Aneesh Gautam) but Yuvi's wasn't at home. The second time I went was in November'15 and Yuvi was at home luckily. 
He woke up at 11am and was coming downstairs to go the gym and he saw me sitting in his office.
He looked at me,
I looked at him,
He looked confused or trying to remember me.
Aneesh reminded him of me and smiled and came to meet me.
While going into the gym Yuvi shouted to Aneesh saying 
"I want this guy to work on my social media" 

This was just a few days after his engagement with Hazel Keech and she was at home as well, Aneesh introduced me to her and she asked If I have a strong hand on Wikipedia? Yes, I replied. She shared the problems she was facing on her Wikipedia page and we had a long chat. 

A year which started with no clue where my life was going has ended up in the office of a Multi-National Corporation! Hope 2016 have a lot more in store for me and everyone. 

Happy new year! 


  1. You are always like my younger brother.
    Thank you for mentioning me in your blog.
    Really feeling glad to meet a brother like you!!
    All the best for your future. Your hard work will open all the gates to success.

    1. Thank you so much bro,
      You have been a great help! :)