Thursday, 27 August 2015

Flipkart launches "Ping"

 Flipkart India’s leading e-commerce marketplace launches ‘Flipkart Ping” a new Social Shopping with your Friends & Family members. Flipkart’s new in-app feature “Ping” is used  to chat with friends while shopping, and share experience using text, photos, emoticons in real time. Flipkart Launches the new #FlipkartPing Feature during Bloggers Meet at F Bar & Lounge, New Delhi.

Taking technology a notch higher to further enhance customer experience, Flipkart, India’s largest online marketplace, announced the launch of ‘Ping’- a brand new ‘social shopping’ experience on the Flipkart app. Using Ping, Flipkart users will get to chat with friends while shopping, and share experience using text, photos, emoticons in real time. 

Shopping is way more than the act of viewing a catalog, selecting a product and buying it at the click of a button and thus, with Ping, Flipkart aims to fundamentally redefine the shopping experience and make it near ‘real life’ in real-time’. 
“Shopping is primarily a social activity and going for it with friends and family has been the norm since time immemorial. Online shopping, on the other hand, has largely remained a solo experience.‘Ping’ aims to transform online shopping by allowing users to talk to each other real time in order to make decisions and decide on what to buy!” said Flipkart’s Chief Product Officer, Punit Soni.
Punit further added, “The unique blend of messaging and shopping is a unique and first ever experience that one can now enjoy online at Flipkart! 
Commenting on this breakthrough innovation, Peeyush Ranjan, CTO and Head of Engineering, Flipkart, said, “A research conducted by our team revealed that the inability to shop collaboratively is the number one barrier for online shoppers these days. Flipkart Ping, conceived and built completely by Flipkart’s in-house technology team, aims to resolve this very challenge and provide a one-of-its-kind unique shopping experience to our customers.”

“Ping has been built keeping in perspective the user experience journey of Flipkart customers.  The highly advanced architecture was employed to ensure dynamic traffic surges are handled well. It has also been optimised for efficient results even on slow 2G networks. Ping will also support android wearables where the user can read and reply to messages from their android watches.” said Peeyush.
Currently, in its beta stage of development, Ping will be available to customers through an invite only model in the first phase. If you need one let us know in comments below.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Why is Blogger better than Wordpress

New blog writers everywhere are faced with a serious dilemma when they first reach the Internet and must decide which blogging platform is best for their new website. There are actually dozens of options on the market, ranging from the basic blog settings of the social networks to the self-hosted open sources software solutions.

However, for most new bloggers and those who don't want to pay for their blog, the choice boils down to one of two websites: Blogger and Wordpress. These two services have become synonymous in recent years with the blogging phenomenon, making up a massive percentage of the Internet's most popular blogs. For that reason, there has been a bit of discussion over which service is better. 

Provided here is a solid answer to that question once and for all, 7 reasons why Blogger is in fact better than Wordpress. These comparisons relate to the free accounts available from both Blogger and Wordpress.

Integrated Login with Your Google Account
With the ability to easily connect all of your Google accounts, this is a big plus for Blogger. Many of the most useful features for a website are offered by Google, including AdSense, AdWords, and Webmaster tools for Google indexing. Instead of adding code into your templates, something that can quickly become confusing and result in broken websites, Blogger allows you to simply click a button and integrate AdSense or banners into your site. 

This allows you to use the same login information for all Google services and that sets Blogger a few steps ahead. Wordpress is an open sources solution, meaning that all extra services must be manually integrated into your blog after you have signed up for your account. 

Backed up by Google
Along the same lines, Blogger has the backing of the largest and most powerful Internet Company in the world. For some this might seem like a negative, but it means the most money and development time can be placed into creating new features for Blogger that Wordpress may need to wait for. Historically, features such as widgets, add-ons, and templates have been enhanced first by Blogger. Wordpress is usually a step or two behind the curve. For the best features as they are developed, Blogger is the winner.

Change Visual Appearance and Code of Templates
Blogger's options for making changes to the visual composition of your blog are numerous and easy to use, something that Wordpress has had problems maintaining in the past. In Blogger, there are a number of pre-built templates as well as thousands more available from any number of websites. Simply copy and paste them into your blog's template page and you have a new look. Additionally, the style sheets and HTML code for your template (if you are willing to do so) can easily be changed and enhanced to suit your specific needs.

Indexing Time
Whether it is because of the link with Google or because of the sheer volume of Blogger blogs, your posts will be indexed in the Search Engines much quicker with Blogger. Usually within a few hours of posting your newest page will appear, allowing you to receive the most traffic as quickly as possible. This is especially important as most blogs strive to talk about the newest and most relevant news as it breaks. If that news does not index for two days, it will already be old when people start to read your posts.

Ease of Use
Blogger is truly a plug and play design for a new blog owner. Signing up takes seconds, allowing users to use their Google login and asking only for a few basic pieces of information such as blog title and description. From there, blog posts can be typed up and entered with two or three clicks and are automatically indexed. For newcomers to the blogosphere especially, Blogger is the best choice when it comes to ease of use. 

Integration of Multiple Accounts
Blogger makes it easy to view all of your blogs via a dashboard feature that links directly to your Google login. When you login, all of your blogs will display, with one-click options to post, edit, or alter posts. The number of blogs and accounts available is nearly endless and makes blogging on multiple topics easier than ever. 

Massive Blogging Network
Because Blogger is the first stop for many new bloggers, it is also among the largest blogging networks in the world. The millions of blogs already created in Blogger are helpful to the new member as well because of how Google has integrated their search features into the site. Not only can visitors search Blogger blogs via the search bar at the top of the page, they can click "random" or "next blog" to visit a different Blogger blog. This increases your exposure by directly connecting you with existing blogs. And if you decide to hide this feature, you can do that too in Blogger.

Ultimately, Blogger is an ideal solution for anyone who is just starting their first blog. It is also a great platform for those who are serious about blogging, but do not want to hire a technician to set them up and make regular adjustments to their blog. It is easy to use, quick to start, and offers a host of features that the free Wordpress blog and its other competitors do not.

Friday, 7 August 2015

6 tricks to boost your brand's Social Media

Whether you are a multinational giant or a start-up one thing you have in common is the social media platform you use to communicate with your fans.  Be it Facebook or Twitter, your only means to communicate directly with your customers is through social media.  
To use this to your advantage - as easy as may seem, may not come naturally to you.
Here are some simple things to keep in mind while creating your brand's online image and becoming an overnight success, that all the others are talking about

From the very beginning, you need to decide the tonality and language for communication and keep it up throughout.  You may choose the more conventional - straight-faced & scripted method or you may be more quirky and spontaneous.  Whatever you choose, just remember to take it forward, unfailing. 

Always remember to personalise any message or comment you make while reaching out to your follower base.  No one like bots, not even the Internet. :)

Nobody likes to wait or be put on hold! Have a hands-on team to respond to all queries, appreciation mails/comments and messages.  People are important, their time is important, be sure to value your customer's time and make them feel special.

Take a Deep Breath
As a social media manager of a brand you are often faced with comments or messaged that may be mean or outright insulting.  Never take it personally and respond.  Always think about it from the brands perspective.  Take a deep breath and thank them for the feedback and ask what issue they have been facing which has brought them to this level of frustration.  It may be difficult to apologise for being abused but do it anyway. You will convert haters to evangelists just with a few polite words.

Relate with your Audience 
Too many product posts are boring and no one wants to look at them anyway. Your aim on social media is not to sell, on the contrary, it is to be loved. Share/Post on relatable topics, current issues and to connect with your audience.  

Passion is the most integral part of a successful social media plan.  You cannot be against something and succeed with it.  If you are not a fan of online communication and are more of a  face-to-face interaction person, do not force yourself to do it, for you will invariably feel burdened by it.
Social Media is the most effective form of communication with customers in today's age and time.  If you can successfully use it to your advantage you will see how cost effective it is and how much you can benefit from it!