Monday, 27 July 2015

The making of ABHIYA!

It all started in 2013!!

7th August 2013. 

Godrej Cinthol came up with a new initiative those days on Twitter. Where 5 lucky people could be the lucky winners of #ChallengeVirat. I was not lucky to be one of them. The event was taking place in Talkatora stadium, Delhi. Delhiites had a chance to witness the massive event #ChallengeVirat. I gave it a go and won it!

7th August 2013 is that date #ChallengeVirat event was scheduled to happen. I bunked my college and went to witness it with my 2 friends with no idea that I am going there for the start of my fairytale love story. 

We were given the #ChallengeVirat Tshirts and was directed to go and have a seat at the 1st floor of Talkatora stadium.
Virat Kohli was 2 hours late from the scheduled time. I and my friends were just sitting and doing our time pass. 
Of course, there were so many beautiful girls around! But my eyes seized on the girl sitting on my right. I couldn't do anything as she was with her family. Staring at her I never knew that a few months later she would be my life.

We went downstairs then to seek a chance to meet Virat Kohli. And met few friends! 
I did manage to meet Virat Kohli at the end of the event and Went back home!

Talkatora Stadium

A few days later..
As usual I was checking my regular updates on facebook. The same girl who I was staring at the event had posted few event pictures on a group of Virat Kohli and one of my friends liked it so it appeared on my timeline. 

Ahh! Enough of saying that girl. Her name is Riya Gandhi! (Naam toh sunna hi hoga?) ;) 

I was bored. I had nothing to do so I was checking random profiles and opened her profile as well and realized that this is the same girl I saw at the event. Within a second I sent her a friend request! She accepted it after few hours and we started chatting. I told her that I was in the event as well sitting on your left. 
We started chatting on random things about the event and stuff! 
The friendship and bond between us started building up and the talks of facebook were shifted to WhatsApp.
Same talks continued on WhatsApp as well, One day I decided to express my love for her. I was tensed and eager to know what would be her reaction and also a fear of losing her. I was so straight forward and without twisting the things. I said that I love her! And just like every other girl, she said "What?" but later amused me by saying let's give it some time and Know each other then I will decide and tell you my response whenever we meet.
I was like "Okay" 
Few months later I convinced her to meet. She was coming to shop with her parents in Select City Walk and as usual I bunked my college and went to meet her. 

17th December 2013 

I can any day mark this as the best day of my life. 
A day which holds the most important impact in my life. 

The day I met her. 
The day she accepted me!
This is the exact place where we saw each other.

This is the exact place where we saw each other for the 1st time. Shy faces with an excitement of what's going to happen next. Walking onto the 3rd floor of SCW. Finding some good place to sit! I asked her.
"You were supposed to give me your answer"
She replied : "Haaan, Mera answer haaan hai"

*Buraaaaaaahhhh* The voice came inside from me! :P 

We decide to sit in an open food court! Did some casual talking. I was shy. Not speaking anything and She was trying to open me up. She left after 15-20 minutes as her parents were waiting for her downstairs.  Everything had changed in these 15 minutes we spent together. I had my life partner. From that day till now. It's been 1 year and 7 months of ABHIYA.

Here are few pictures of our beautiful love story :)

1st anniversary cake

The story of ABHIYA to be continued...

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