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Ambrosia Bliss Review

The name "Bliss" truly defines the cafe, Ambrosia Bliss!

Situated in the heart of the capital, Ambrosia is just 5 mins away from Rajeev Chowk metro station.

I was called up to review their food, and I was excited from that very moment to review one of the best cafes in Connaught place.


Ambrosia is particularly known for its tasteful interiors and lighting. The restaurant has fine dining seating, private seating, outdoor seating and a dimly but beautifully lit lounge. 

Decor and ambience - There is segregation between the dining & lounge so depending on ur mood you can choose between the two. Both have glittery shiny decoration. The superlative bar makes it, even more, better!

That's what I am talking about! Perfect for a little date? Eh! 

The manager was kind and so friendly, greeted me so well from the very start!
Let's do the talking with food now! Oh, The perks of being a food blogger. ;)

First up! 
The waitress served me with their signature cocktail which goes by the name of Stardust! It's made up of Infused Vodka, Fresh pineapple and Star Anse! The best part of the drink was you could actually taste the flavours of Vodka & Pineapple separately. It was not too messed up with flavours. The sourness of the Pineapple was too good for the taste buds.

Grapefruit with Crunchy veggie salad

I was then served with the "Grapefruit with Crunchy veggie salad" DAMN! I can't tell you how delicious was it. It had Grapefruit, Yellow, Green & Red Bleepers, Spinach, Tomatoes, Lettuce and Onions toasted up in green mint chutney and some salad dressing.
The mint chutney was coming up so well with all the crunchy veggies, the sweet and sour flavour of chutney just completely made the best salad I have ever had till date!


I was served with 4 type of Kebabs in the starter. This was the first time I was testing a Kebab, being a vegetarian Kebab always meant non-veg to me. But the waitress suggested me to order this 4 different kinds of Veg Kebabs. 

Starting from the left.

1. Mushroom Gaulti Kebab with Kesri Puff
2. Harabhara Kebab
3. Dahi Ki Kebab 
4. Paktuni Paneer Tikka  

Mushroom Gaulti Kebab with Kesri Puff was a major disappointment the upper part was so moist and tender but I admired the down part would be crunchy which would balance. The down part which is a puff was so hard to break with a fork. The idea behind this is not bad but It should be maintained evenly that it breaks from a fork! Later the chef and manager explained to me that its made in the same way so that we can joy the crunch and moist kebab at the same time. 

Harabhara Kebab was the standout of them all, Nice tender and juicy from inside and evenly crunchy from the outside with a coat of breadcrumbs.

Dahi Ki Kebab was good too, Crunchy from outside layer with a hard thick curd from inside and the tastes of spices was coming up well together.

Paktuni Paneer Tikka was kind-off usual panner tikka, but in Paktuni paneer tikka. The panner was in different layers filled up with different spices inside it! Tastes so good with green chutney and Onions. 

     Tamarind  Tofu Cups & Philadelphia Cheese roll.

Philadelphia Cheese Roll with Tamarind Tofu Cups was next on the list! And one of the best dish in Ambrosia. A must have the dish, If you ever visit Ambrosia! The Philadelphia cheese is amongst the most expensive cheese in the world. It's made up of 3 cream kinds of cheese.  The cheese was tender and the roll was crispy! Tasted so good. It's made by mixing the cheese with carrot, scallions and chilli. 

The Tamarind tofu cups were something you can have daily in your evening snack. The cups were so thin and crispy filled up with fried peanuts and fried small pieces of paneer topped up with Tamarind paste on the top. Yummm!! 

                          Tibetan Veg Momo, Spinach and Waterchestnut & Crunchy Five Dumplings.

Crunchy five was first on my plate. It's had 5 veggies which add the crunch to the bite and the base of dumpling as thin as usual! Everything tastes fantastically well with the 4 spicy dips.

Tibetan Veg Momo is like a usual Momo we get anywhere on streets.

Spinach and Waterchestnut dumpling was bitten on a weaker side. Lacking of flavours should have been spicier what signifies a dumpling. 
Overall a good Tibetan dish! 

Head chef at Ambrosia Bliss.

Just when I was busy tasting the dumplings. The head chef of Ambrosia Bliss came to greet me and wanted to know my view on the food he's making from years in the cafe. It was indeed a nice gesture of him! He asked me about the food, What I do and all casual things. 

He asked : Where are you from?

Me : Haryana
He : *Shocked* 
Me : What happened?
                                                                   He : Actually, you speak pretty good English. people of Haryana are mostly known 
                                                                 for it, I have few friends from Haryana who speak straight forward desi language. :P 

Later I asked him to suggest one special dish and a dessert which he thinks he's perfect at! He suggested me Hakka Noodles. and said me not to worry about the dessert he said. It will be a chef special! He left as he would go and prepare the noodles for me. Within few minutes I was having the Hakka Noodles on my table!

Hakka Noodles.

By looks it might seem as ordinary Hakka noodles you get anywhere, but lets not judge it by its looks. Trust me! It tastes bloody awesome. Not too spicy nor too insipid! Perfectly balanced noodles. Perfect with garlic and red chilli paste.

Arrabiata Pasta

The Pasta was excellent as well with good amount of cheese and veggies. The best part of the pasta which no one noticed is the garlic bread on the side. Coated in a good amount of butter and garlic, nice crunchy from outside and equally moist from inside. I feel the pieces of baroquely could have been a little smaller for better taste. Overall another good dish!


Chocobar is amongst the signature cocktails of the cafe, It tastes like a typical chocolate shake. But the taste of infuse vodka takes you out of your childhood days. :P

Sticky toffee pudding & Bailey's chocolate tiramisu.

Yess! That's the Chef's special dessert he promised me. The Sticky toffee pudding was fantastic! The pudding was moist and fluffy and the hot caramel made it completely balanced! Bailey's chocolate tiramisu is made by combining 3-4 different kind of cheese and red wine. It's said to be one of the most expensive pastries in India.

"In short, My experience at Ambrosia was extraordinary. If someone wakes me up at 2 am at night and asks me to let's go and have food! Ambrosia would be the first that would come to my mind! If you are ever in Connaught place you must visit this cafe. Fantastic atmosphere and decorations &  even more delicious food and lovely people"

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