Sunday, 19 April 2015

Vodafone Superfan

I was the Vodafone Superfan. In other words, I was a king on a cricket ground for a day.
It all started on a Wednesday afternoon when Vodafone announced on twitter that they're gonna come up with a contest at 4pm and The fastest to answer it will become the Vodafone Super fan.
It's a priceless opportunity for any cricket fan! I was all in readiness with my MacBook to answer it fastest! Before the question popped up, I decided to go through all the stats of the previous IPL! As the clock strike 4pm. The question was posted! It was 

Q : Who scored the fastest hundred in the previous IPL Season? 

And! The stats helped me. As all other answered Chris Gayle & Virender Sehwag, I was pretty sure of my answer and was fastest to answer it correctly! 

Yes, Indeed. It was Wriddhiman Saha who scored the fastest hundred.

I kept answering to question for next two days aswell, On Saturday. I got a call from Vodafone informing me about that I was the fastest and I have won the contest! and I will be the Vodafone Superfan in the opening match of 2015 IPL which is to be played between KKR & Mumbai Indians.
I jumped in joy, I seriously did! To be the Superfan and A chance to watch a cricket match in Eden Gardens is a thing a cricket fan always dreams off!

I got my flight tickets a day before the match. And I was excited to go to the city of Joy with the person who taught me "C" of Cricket. My maternal uncle. 
We had an early morning flight at 6.10 from Delhi-Kolkata. 
By 8:10 am I was in Kolkata!! The city of Joy. By the time we got out of Airport we had a Driver and Toyota Corolla waiting for us. and Within 5 mins I was on the roads of Kolkata! The city was quite & Calm! We checked in at a 5-star hotel which goes by the name of  Peerless Inn at 9:30 am. It was located in the heart of  Kolkata at Park street!

This was my place to stay in for next 24 hours! 

By 11 am We were done with breakfast and Went out of the hotel to explore the city! The first place you wanna visit when you hear Kolkata's name is "Victoria Memorial" So we decided to go to Victoria. Which was just at a walking distance of 15 mins. 

After showing off some photography skills of mine, We went inside the Victoria memorial! It was quite amazing. The architecture and It had all the old swords and Dresses of all past Kings & Queens. We had less time but managed to see entire Victoria! 

Within a hour, We were back in the hotel! I was so sleepy but excitement made me sleep only for 10 mins and I was up and Roaming here and there in the room! By 2 we were done with the lunch and Got ready as a Vodafone Representative would knock our door at 3 pm. She handed over me the Vodafone Super fan t-shirt and Cap and asked me to meet at hotel lobby in 15 mins. I was ready and nervous whats gonna happen next! 
Then there was supposed to be my interview with Vodafone, But it couldn't happen in our hotel. So they decided to take me to other hotel where The Vodafone Fan army was supposed to meet up! I went in there. And met one of my twitter friend Sammya Barata (@Deckle_Edge) It was good meeting up with him! 
Then came the turn for my interview and Photography session.. Trust me acting for the video was quite tough! But in the end managed it after 2 tries..
Had some refreshment after the Photography session and I was ready to leave for the mighty Eden Gardens. Butterflies in stomach and Excitement in the air! 

Eden Garden was just 15 mins away from the hotel but It took us 1 hour to reach there! Kolkata has the worst traffic. Watching the Eden but not being there stuck in Jam was so pathetic. But we finally reached the Oldest and the biggest ground in the country. Just when I entered the Eden Gardens, The atmosphere was Insane! People dancing madly on the beats of Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo re. 

I had the best seats in the house! I was placed in a Hospitality Box! With Shah Rukh Khan in the other stand in which I was sitting. I preferred standing out in the balcony to feel the atmosphere rather than sitting inside in the AC Box! 

Mumbai Indians were batting first and I was shown on TV in 6th over! So nervous moments. They got a special camera upstairs for shoot! 

MI set a good total of  168. Rohit Sharma played blinder of an innings and went on to score 98 runs and remained not out! Anderson played a good hand as well! By the time 1st innings ended. We went in to have our dinner which was part of the services you get in Hospitality box! The second innings begun but I wasn't done with my dinner. I rushed! I rushed so hard back to hospitality box. 
 Gambhir and Uthappa were looking good but Uthappa got out on 9. Manish Pandey played an good hand with Gauti until Pandey got out on 40. Surya joined Gauti and started smacking sixes from the very start!
A lady from the IPL team came during the 18th over and took me downstairs into the ground I was standing behind the MI Dough-out for next 2 over. And 
Surya Kumar finished off things with a four! and KKR won by 6 wicket. By the time players were returning back, I was on the ground and people like Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting roaming around me.. AND! Finally the moment every cricket fan dreams off. I met SACHIN TENDULKAR! We shook hands and He passed on a smile.. 

Before getting on air, I had few pics taken with Gambhir, Morne Morkel, and Surya 

After the photographs, The presentation ceremony begun.. Gautam Gambhir signed the match ball for me. And I was on TV yet again! Hearing your name from Ravi Shastri was priceless, The man who have his voice behind every successful moment of Indian cricket! 
After this, I went out of the Stadium. Stood outside with the ball in hand and Everyone passing by me wanted to see the ball, Few wanted selfies. I dint make them upset and Showed them the ball.. 
My WhatsApp was overflowing with messages of  "Just saw on TV" 
The bengali's were dancing madly on the roads and We returned back to hotel by 12:30! 
The dream run of being a Vodafone superfan ended here! A match to be remembered till I die. 

And! I with my Maternal Uncle returned back home with a Basket of happiness which money couldn't provide


  1. Hi, Many Congrats, can you please also tell us by which mode you answered?

  2. I would like to congratulate on reaching the destination safely and its good that you started the journey quickly. Its good for you to visit the mighty and beautiful Eden gardens. Enjoy the stay.